Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Home of the Peaceful Bee" - original oil painting by Laura Reilly

"Home of the Peaceful Bee" - original oil on panel, 8" x 8", dark frame 
painted on location at the Peaceful Bee Lavender Farm, Palisade, Colorado
this painting is available at
 Wish! Boutique 719-685-9777

Warmth  of summer sun
Hum of busy bees
Fragrant lavender perfumes the air!

Thank you!  To all of my art friends, for your wonderful interest in my painting journey - I have much to share with you from my wanderings this summer - stay tuned, there's more to come. 
and you have an Open Invitation!  any time to visit my home studio - give me a call when you're next in town, or if you have visitors you'd like to bring by -   just call me ahead of time, at
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