Sunday, April 29, 2012

Open to the Sun - original impressionist oil painting by Laura Reilly

Mini Masterpiece from the
Denver Botanic Gardens Series
Original oil on panel 12” x 6”

I’ve been  creating a series of paintings from a late season visit to the
Denver Botanic Gardens.  This painting is a humble homage to some of my favorite painters – of course, Monet, but also Gustav Klimt.  Why Klimt?  We always think of Monet, the master, when it comes to waterlilies, but for some reason Klimt kept coming to me as I contemplated this painting.  

Gustav Klimt, known for his gorgeous mosaic-like masterworks such as “the Kiss”, also created many landscape, lake and garden paintings.  Many of these paintings were created in a long vertical format. The  composition, mosaic-like brushstrokes and water all remind me of  Klimt’s ethereal paintings.    As artists, we are often  inspired by those who have come before us –  whose hand and eye have translated the world into unique expressions of beauty and grace.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Small Moments

 original oil on canvas, 20" x 10" x 1.5"
painting continues around sides for a beautiful finish.

Sometimes it's not the big events that make the best memories and moments in life, but the small ones - like a walk on a starry night of the new moon.  It's dark and crystal clear, and the stars and planets shimmer and glow in the deep winter night because the moon isn't stealing the show. 

Jack and I and Piper saw this view a few weeks ago on a night time walk, and I carried the sight carefully all the way home, a vision of stillness and quiet and starlight.  Once home,  I made a sketch before the memory faded, and created this painting in acknowledgement of small, beautiful, precious moments like this. 

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