Sunday, April 29, 2012

Open to the Sun - original impressionist oil painting by Laura Reilly

Mini Masterpiece from the
Denver Botanic Gardens Series
Original oil on panel 12” x 6”

I’ve been  creating a series of paintings from a late season visit to the
Denver Botanic Gardens.  This painting is a humble homage to some of my favorite painters – of course, Monet, but also Gustav Klimt.  Why Klimt?  We always think of Monet, the master, when it comes to waterlilies, but for some reason Klimt kept coming to me as I contemplated this painting.  

Gustav Klimt, known for his gorgeous mosaic-like masterworks such as “the Kiss”, also created many landscape, lake and garden paintings.  Many of these paintings were created in a long vertical format. The  composition, mosaic-like brushstrokes and water all remind me of  Klimt’s ethereal paintings.    As artists, we are often  inspired by those who have come before us –  whose hand and eye have translated the world into unique expressions of beauty and grace.