Saturday, January 30, 2016

Contemporary Colorado Cityscape Painting "Downtown, Where Everyone Meets", by Colorado Artist Laura Reilly

"Downtown, Where Everyone Meets"

Original acrylic painting, 24 x 36, framed.

"City Sites, Urban Delights" Laura Reilly Show and Sale
 at Soiree Events and Celebrations

One of my new cityscape paintings - this is downtown Colorado Springs, looking south on Tejon St., to the corner of Colorado Avenue and Tejon.  It seems like you always run in to someone you know downtown - or we're heading there to meet someone for lunch or breakfast.

I love all the little details in these city scenes - there's so much to discover in them.  Do you see the "walk now" figure, and the french flag, the cafe tables, and the right turn arrow?  There's a lot more to find to - including my favorite thing,  juicy bold brushstrokes.

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