Monday, May 16, 2016

Colorado Artist Laura Reilly Painting Classes - I Love to Teach!

I've been so enjoying this year's open air painting - painting en plein air.

We often hear about artists trying to "capture" a landscape or scene 
- I prefer to set the landscape free!

Here are some of this season's open air paintings - 

"White Crabapple in Bloom" - acrylic painting, 8" x 8".
This is the first of this season's open air paintings - I sat across the street
from BonTon's Cafe here in Colorado Springs to paint this one.

"Eloquent" - acrylic painting, 6" x 12", painted at Lake San Isabel, Colorado.

Fireweed by Laura Reilly Acrylic ~ 4 x 12
"Fireweed" - original acrylic painting, 4" x 12", painted at
Rock Ledge Ranch, here in Colorado Springs.  I've had it said this might 
not be fireweed, but phlox instead - either way, I love the magenta flowers in 
the sunlight and shadows.  

"Shadowplay" - acrylic painting, 10" x 8".  
A recurring theme, sunlight and deep shade.
I painted this one here in my garden 
- it's a spectacular year for the iris!  

"Victorian Lilacs" - acrylic painting, 8" x 8".  Painting in Acacia Park
while the lilacs were at their peak - the warming sun spread the
scent of the lilacs through the air.

Painting in the open air has it's challenges,  no doubt about it - but there is no substitute for
the infusion of life that seems to find it's way into these paintings, and into the artist too!

The experience of painting outside is just plain good for the soul,
 and the paintings are too.  

  Some of these might be the inspiration for larger studio paintings 
- and painting en plein air makes me a better studio painter. 

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